Open Friday & Saturday 11 -3am

Never Forget the Nineties

If you remember the 90's, You probably weren't there!

If the 90's were your thing then you have to check out Venga, only this time around you might actually remember some of it, no promises though!... The Venue has all the feel and atmosphere of a 90's nightclub, long bars and a great central dance floor dominating the room, with lasers and psychedelic flashing lights and heart pounding bass. You will feel like you have been transported back in time. Unlike most 90's club's we have plenty of seating in the venue to accommodate your party or group to create a 90s vibe. Get stuck into the cocktails and shots, or try out some of our retro drinks, such as Hootch, Diamond White and Taboo.

Never forget the nineties! As Robbie Williams was once quoted as saying "If you can remember the 90's you probably "weren't there!". With your Game Boy in one hand and your Tamagotchi Cyberpet in the other, and a Take That album in your Sony CD Discman. You knew all the moves to Whigfield's Saturday Night, Madonna's Vogue and The Macarena, not to mention all the words to "the Bartman". Can you remember when Opal Fruits became Starburst? Who were you into Oasis or Blur?, 911 or A1 ? Did you come in from clubbing on a Saturday night and tune in to "The Hitman & Her" or VPL on TV?